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Valuation Options

Movers and Groovers #1 goal is to deliver our client’s household items to their new location damage-free! Movers and Groovers assures our client’s that we take every measure possible to protect your furniture! Movers and Groovers offers 3 levels of valuation where your goods will be covered for repair, replacement, or reimbursement against loss or damages.

Please review the 3 levels of coverage below and choose the best option for your household goods. Please sign in the box for your level of coverage.

Insurance Type

Furniture Coverage

Wall & Floor


Good (Basic Carrier Liability) limited to $0.60 per pound Up to $25 Free
Better (Partial Valuation) $1.50 per pound up to $10,000 Up to $125 $125
Best (Full Valuation) $4.00 per pound up to $30,000 Up to $400 $300

Insurance for your Move

Valuation insurance is just like auto or homeowners insurance. It is designed to offer protection against any possible damages that occur during the move process. At Movers and Groovers all workers are trained to handle all types of furniture, and they strive to move these possession safely across town. Despite our efforts, accidents can happen and by selecting one of our valuation options, you will be protected!

Basic Carrier Liability

This coverage is free of charge to you, and provides for the replacement or repair of an item at $0.60 per pound per article. Exampl (A dresser weighing 100 lbs. which costs $500, if it is damaged during the move, you would receive $60(100 lbs. x $0.60) for the dresser). Floor and wall damage repair up to $25.

Partial Value Valuation

This selection of coverage provides and increased level of protection greater than the basic carrier liability. The valuation coverage is $1.50 per pound per article and $125 toward the repair of wall/floor damage.

Full Valuation

This is Movers and Groovers highest level of protection we offer! The coverage is $4.00 per pound per article. Example( a item weighing 300 lbs that was damaged would be covered up to $1,200. Wall and floor repair damage up to $400. Movers and Groovers will always try and repair items before replacement.

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